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1 - SP Spoiler Packaging
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Super Plus - Twin Pack

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Front Screen Driver/Passenger Twin Pack
Product Code: SP21/19AS
Product Size: 21" & 19" (530mm & 475mm)

BOSCH Super Plus Spoiler & Curved Wiper Blades

The range of BOSCH Super Plus Spoiler & Curved Wiper Blades have a built in plastic Spoiler, this is a must when travelling at speed as the Spoiler deflects oncoming air to create down-force, pressing the wiper blade down on the windscreen, thus improving performance in the rain. These blades have a curved passenger side blade to match the shape of certain vehicle's windscreens that are very curved.They also have an internal tensioning strip for optimum screen contact. The blades are constructed with a dual rubber compound ensuring that they continue to clean effectively for longer. The soft rubber spine enables effective flip over function whilst the hard rubber edge ensures smear free wiping. Each blade comes pre-mounted with Bosch's unique 'Quick-Clip' adaptor so they can be fitted to a vehicle in a matter of seconds. BOSCH wiper blades provide excellent performance to ensure a clear view of the road ahead in all weather conditions.

Here are the advantages.....

  • Dual Rubber Compound - for longer service life and smear free wiping.
  • Quick-Clip Adaptor - for easy installation for the Hook type wiper arm.
  • Robust Metal Frame - for excellent durability and increased pressure on windscreen.
  • Built-in Spoiler - for increased downforce at high speeds.
  • Curved Passenger Blade - for optimum contact for specific vehicle's with curved windscreens.

BOSCH has over 80 years experience in manufacturing wiper blades. They developed the first electric windscreen wiper system back in 1926 and have been relentless in their pursuit of new technology ever since.

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