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NeoForm Pinch Push 50pc Off Sale.jpg
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NeoForm Flat Wiper Blade

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Product Code: NF509
Product Size: 20" (500mm)

The NeoForm NF509 is a 20" flat wiper blade for a push button fitting wiper arm and is part of the premium range of wiper blades offered by Trico. Being a direct replacement part they are easy to fit, straight out of the packaging and no messing around trying to find the correct adaptor. NeoForm blades provide a superior all-weather wiping performance thanks to the joint-less design structure and the integral spoiler ensures a smooth air flow which produces a quieter wiping action.

Better All Round Wiping Performance
The twin point coupler design delivers a constant, even pressure across the entire windscreen for a smoother, more consistent wipe.

Enhanced Durability
Neoform's joint-less structure maximises durability and provides highly efficient operation.

Aerodynamic Profile
The integral spoiler design reduces wind lift and provides a quieter wipe combined with sleek modern styling.

Superior All Weather Performance
Designed with no parts exposed to the elements, Neoform blades provide superior all-weather performance.

Easy Installation
Fits directly to your wiper arm and comes with easy-to-use fitting instructions.

Recyclable Packaging
Neoform beam blades are supplied in an easy to open, recyclable, domed clamshell package.

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