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Auto Express Wiper Blades Product Group Test May 2018
Product Code: WBTR-20
Product Size: 20" (505mm)

TRIED, TESTED & AWARDED: We believe our Aerowiper Retrofit flat windscreen wipers offer an excellent alternative to higher priced premium branded flat wiper blades - but don't just take our word for it:-

Wiper Blades Aerowiper achieved a 4½ Star Rating ∗∗∗∗· in the Auto Express Wiper Blades Product Group Test May 2018

Here's what Auto Express had to say.....

"Even if you ignore the attractive price, these own-brand wipers from impress. They were easy to fit, quiet and wiped the screen in a clean sweep, leaving no streaks or residual water, and matching the Aerotwins in their wiping efficiency. They were slightly harder to remove and felt fractionally less solid than the Bosch items, but this is easy to overlook if you consider the price."

Read the Full Auto Express Group Test by clicking here: Auto Express 2018 Wiper Blades Test

Auto Express Product Awards 2017 - Catagory Wiper Blades:
Commended Product Award
"A single adaptor meant the Aerowiper blade was quick and easy to slot into place. The dual rubber compound ensured a uniform contact with the screen, clearing away all of the deluge. Even under a heavy downpour, it left no smears on the screen and we found it fairly quiet under dry and wet testing."

Auto Express: Wiper Blades Product Group Test Aug 2016:
Recommended Product Award
“The Aerowiper performed strongly in all of our tests. We liked how easy it was to install.... The dual-compound rubber ensures uniform contact with the screen, and gives an even sweep, leaving no smears, even with heavy spray. The Aerowiper is a great-value blade that shouldn't be ignored." Our latest design Retrofit Aerowiper feature a ‘dual compound' rubber sleeving which incorporates a harder rubber edging to give a stronger binding to the internal pre-tensioned steel vertebrae. This provides a robust curve to fit the contours of the windscreen. In between is a softer rubber compound that not only forms the aerodynamic spoiler, but further assists the wiper to flex to the shape of the screen. This new design also results in a more consistent and stable pressure along the length of the blade subsequently transferring a more even pressure to the windscreen. The whole structure is further strengthened by a zinc alloy bridge construction which provides a very strong connection to the wiper arm. The result is a high quality wiper blade without the high cost associated with premium branded products.

Benefits of Upgrading to our Flat AeroWiper Blade:

  • Excellent Value for Money.
  • Easy To Fit - Complete with Pre-fitted Retrofit Adaptor.
  • Aerodynamic Styling Significantly Reduces Wind Noise.
  • Dual Compound Rubber Sleeving.
  • Has No Joints Or Bridges That Can Freeze In Winter.  
  • Zinc Alloy Bridge Construction.
  • Integrated Spoiler - Greater Resistance to Wind Lift At Higher Speeds.
  • Slim Contemporary Design Will Improve The Look Of Any Car.

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