Trico NeoForm Retrofit Packaging
Trico NeoForm Retrofit Packaging
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TRICO NeoForm® Flat Wiper Blade

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Product Code: NF350
Product Size: 14" (350mm)

The Flat Blade Revolution. The advent of flat (or beam) blades in the 1990s is the most important wiper design innovation in recent years. With these blades, the contact pressure is evenly distributed by two pre-shaped spring strips rather than by the multiple claws of the conventional wiper bracket. As well as minimising linkage wear, beam blades conform to the shape of the windscreen much better, an important factor with the current trends towards deeper screens requiring longer wipers. This, together with the more evenly distributed pressure, results in a cleaner wipe. Being significantly lighter, beam blades tend to be quieter in operation and require less power to drive; and with a lower profile than conventional blades, they look better, have superior wind resistance at high speeds and are less likely to clog with ice and snow. Today, four out of five new cars built in Europe come equipped with beam blades.

Trico's NeoForm® Retrofit Wiper Blade: Available as a retrofit for vehicles with conventional wiper blades.
Better All Round Wiping Performance: The twin point coupler design delivers a constant, even pressure across the entire windscreen for a smoother, more consistent wipe.
Enhanced Durability: Neoform's joint-less structure maximises durability and provides highly efficient operation.
Aerodynamic Profile: The integral spoiler design reduces wind lift and provides a quieter wipe combined with sleek modern styling.
Superior All Weather Performance: Designed with no parts exposed to the elements, Neoform blades provide superior all-weather performance.
Easy Installation: Featuring a pre-assembled connector to fit the most popular arm types, Neoform beam blades come with easy-to-use fitting instructions.
Recyclable Packaging: Neoform beam blades are supplied in an easy to open, recyclable, domed clamshell package.

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