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Aerotwin Retrofit Flat Windscreen Wiper Blade

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Product Code: AR13U
Product Size: 14" (340mm)

Cutting-edge Technology for Cars with Conventional `Hooked' Wiper Arms from BOSCH.

New technology bracket-less flat wiper blades are fast becoming standard fit on many new vehicles. The same wiper blade technology is now available thanks to this Bosch Retrofit Flat wiper designed for vehicles built since the early 1990's and fitted with conventional ‘hooked' wiper arms.

The advantages of Aerotwin:

  • Superbly effective: Increased performance even at high speeds and under critical conditions. Evodium flex rails custom-designed for ideal performance in each individual vehicular application.
  • Balanced force distribution: Optimal aerodynamics designed to clear every portion of the swept range with unexcelled efficiency.
  • Enhanced convenience: Minimum wiper-induced wind noise thanks to reduction in aerodynamically exposed surface area and innovative connection for ultimate ease in blade replacement.
  • Improved winter performance: With reduced ice formation on joints and metal frames.
  • Innovative design from Bosch: The perfect marriage of form and function. Custom-designed evodium flex rails for a perfect fit.
  • Extended service life: Even distribution of application force inhibits uneven wear. This balance also enhances resistance to insects and stubborn dirt.
  • Tried and tested: Twin dual-component technology for wiper blades.

The flat & elegant hi-tech spring strips at the core of the BOSCH Retrofit Aerotwin replace the usual link & bracket arrangement of a conventional wiper blade.

Please Note: this Bosch Retrofit Aerotwin Wiper Blade has a central spoiler and not asymmetrical as depicted on the product packaging.


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