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Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
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How TRICO’s Refill Kits Make Updating Your Wiper Blades Cheaper And Easier

Introducing the Trico Refill Kits for your Volvo Wiper Blades

Original Equipment (OE) manufacturer, TRICO, recently introduced their Refill Kits. These are a cost-effective way to update existing wiper blades on selected Volvo vehicles. 

Wiper blades are an important part of your vehicle and should never be neglected. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to effectively clean your windscreen and would be able to see less clearly in poorer weather conditions. 

With a generally shorter lifespan than other components of your vehicle, wiper blades should be regularly replaced. Though with newer models from manufacturers like Volvo, this can often be costly. 

This is because the original wiper blades fitted to these vehicles feature an integrated washer system, where the windscreen washer fluid runs through the blade and is distributed evenly across your windscreen. 

Such advanced technology makes these wiper blades more expensive to replace entirely, which is why TRICO has introduced their new Refill Kits to make things cheaper. 

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What are refill kits? 

Refill kits provide the rubber insert that is part of your wiper blade. This is a cost-effective way to update your existing wiper blades, as it is cheaper than buying a whole new blade. 

TRICO’s Refill Kits are sold in pairs and are pre-cut, meaning they are ready to fit straight away. 

This makes it easier to replace the rubber element of your wiper blades while helping you save some money.  

Other benefits of using a Refill Kit: 

  • It helps you get the most use out of your wipers before replacing them 
  • Simple to fit - each pack comes with full instructions to make fitting easier 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design ensures high quality


How to use the Refill Kit? 

Using a refill kit like the Refill Kit from TRICO is easy. You can replace the rubber insert from your wiper blade in a few simple steps: 

  1. Gently lift your wiper arm - tilt the blade so that the rubber part is facing upwards
  2. Remove the blade - slide the blade out while pushing down the connector tab and lay it down for safekeeping
  3. Locate and remove the wiper rubber - find the end with the stopper and grab hold of this to carefully slide out the rubber insert
  4. Insert new rubber strip - pop in your new rubber insert before refitting the blade onto the wiper arm and put it back into place
  5. Test - after making sure the blade has been secured correctly, turn on your wipers to check that everything is working

Unsure how to fit? Consult our helpful Fitting Guides to help you fit your wipers in place quickly and easily. Or why not view our fitting guide document below.


Which cars are the TRICO Refill Kits suitable for? 

Possibly their only drawback is that TRICO’s Refill Kits are not currently suitable for all types of vehicles. 

The 24” and 20” (600mm & 500mm) refills are suitable for the Volvo S60 (2019 onwards) and the Volvo V60 (2018 onwards). 

Meanwhile, the 26” and 19” (650mm & 480mm) refills are designed specifically for the Volvo XC60 (2017 onwards). 


Get your Refill Kit 

Ready to update your Volvo’s current wiper blades? Shop TRICO Refill Kits now and get free UK delivery in 3-5 working days. 

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