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Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
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Quality wipers guaranteed to fit
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Three of the Best Wiper Blades To Buy Right Now

Time to replace your wiper blades? In this article, we take you through three of our best wiper blades.

When shopping for replacement wiper blades, it can be hard to know which wipers are right for your car.  

Our vehicle input tool makes it easy, allowing you to search wipers guaranteed to fit your car using just your registration. But how do you know which ones to choose? 

Read on for three of the best wiper blades we recommend at Wiper Blades. 


1. BOSCH Retrofit Aerotwin 

BOSCH has long been associated with creating high-quality product solutions not just in the wiper blade category. But when it comes to new wiper blades, it’s the BOSCH Retrofit Aerotwin that stands out.  

Rated five stars in the Auto Express Wiper Blades Product Group Test, they help even older vehicles upgrade to the latest technology. Made to last, they provide enhanced cleaning results and therefore improved vision and safety. 

This is provided by high-grade rubber for improved contact and coverage on the windscreen. Plus, Evodium-flex rails provide balanced force distribution and optimal aerodynamics. Together, the result is a quieter, smoother, and more effective performance. 

Widely compatible across a range of vehicles, BOSCH Retrofit Aerotwin blades offer: 

  • Minimal noise thanks to improved aerodynamics. 
  • Reliable all-season performance with no metal joints that may freeze in winter. 
  • Longer service with higher-quality design and construction. 
  • Excellent cleaning with no streaks or smears left behind. 
  • Easy fitting with full instructions provided. 

[Shop BOSCH Retrofit Aerotwin


2. Wiper Blades Aerowiper Multi Fit 

Not to toot our own horn, but our own-brand Aerowiper range offers a high-quality replacement wiper that’s even more affordable. 

Awarded 4.5 stars in the Auto Express Wiper Blades Product Group Test, our multi-fit wiper is suitable for all types of vehicles. Prioritising value for money, you can enjoy the same level of performance for a fraction of the cost. 

The Aerowiper features a dual compound rubber sleeve, with a more durable rubber edge and steel vertebrae. This creates a strong yet flexible curved shape that sits in closer contact with the windscreen. 

Meanwhile, an integrated spoiler improves downforce at higher speeds allowing for quieter performance. With no joints or bridges, they can withstand even the harshest temperatures in winter. 

With multi-fit adaptors provided, the Aerowiper is compatible with lots of different vehicles. They’re also easy to fit with full instructions provided, not to mention our helpful fitting guide videos.  

With the Wiper Blades Aerowiper, you’ll receive: 

  • High-quality design and sturdy construction 
  • Efficient wiping performance with minimal noise 
  • Better value for money 
  • Reassurance of easy-fitting 
  • Uncompromising all-season performance 

[Shop Wiper Blades Aerowiper


3. Lucas AIRFLEX Direct Fit 

Lucas AIRFLEX Direct Fit wiper blades are another great all-around performer. Designed using over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry, these blades are sure to do the job. And do it well. 

The AIRFLEX is rigorously tested in eight different areas to ensure maximum efficiency. These include wet and dry, ozone, vulcanisation, tension, extreme temperatures, and more. 

Made with a combination of natural and synthetic rubber, they provide both enhanced cleaning and longevity. The aerodynamic central spoiler enables quieter performance with greater down-force at high speeds. Also aided by a special graphite coating. 

The pre-fitted adaptor makes them easy to fit directly onto the wiper arm, and they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. 

With the Lucas AIRFLEX Direct Fit, you get: 

  • Maximum wiping quality with premium design and materials 
  • Quieter performance even when traveling at higher speeds 
  • Easy, guaranteed fitting with a pre-fitted adaptor 
  • Enhanced longevity with solid, durable construction 
  • Quality assurance thanks to stringent testing standards 

[Shop Lucas AIRFLEX Direct Fit

Shop new wipers at Wiper Blades 

We hope you found this article useful and feel well-informed on some of the best wiper blades to buy for your vehicle. 

Not sure which wiper blades are right for your vehicle? We can help. Using our registration input tool, you can shop only wiper blades that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. No need to worry about ordering the wrong item! 

With our competitive pricing, you can save on the biggest brands – from BOSCH and MICHELIN to Lucas and Valeo. Plus, we offer free UK delivery when you order two or more wiper blades, allowing you to save even more! 

For any help along the way, you can get in touch with our expert team. Bringing together years of experience in the industry, our specialists know a thing or two about what makes a great wiper blade! 

Enter your reg and shop for your new wiper blades.

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