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The Valeo organisation began back in 1923 in Saint Ouen, France with the production of brake linings and clutch facings. Some 87 years later they are Present in 27 countries, the Group employs 56,000 people at 117 production sites, 21 Research centers, 40 Development centers and 10 distribution platforms. Valeo have become renowned for manufacturing quality automotive parts for both the Original Equipment market and aftermarket. Valeo's range of wiper blades for both the front screen and rear window represent the highest quality available. They provide perfect visibility in all conditions, thereby improving driving safety. This Product Family also helps reduce vehicles' CO2 emissions through its commitment to innovation and weight reduction.

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Compact Revolution

The Valeo Compact Revolution range of retrofit flat wiper blades - Simplicity & Performance.

Winners of the Recommended Award in the Auto Express standard vs upgrade wiper blade test in September 2010, Auto Express commented:

"These Valeo retro-fit flat blades ticked just about all our boxes. They come with only one clip, the instructions are clear and they were the quietest on the dry screen......the wipe was close to perfect....Our pick of the flat blades."

This ultra slim design of retrofit flat wiper blade is the perfect answer to upgrading your conventional wiper blades to this new type of wiping technology.

  • Improved aerodynamics and aesthetics.
  • Integrated spoiler: less lift at high speed.
  • Improved driving comfort with less noise.
  • Better performance in winter: will not freeze to your windscreen.
  • Available for vehicles with hook shaped wiper arms.
  • Ultra slim design.

Valeo Compact Revolution: Simplicity & Performance.


Open Box

Silencio Rear

1A - Rear Packaging 2 - RB-251 Blade

Wiper Blades own range of rear screen wiper blades offer a non nonsense, direct replacement and value for money alternative to the branded products we sell.
We also offer some rear wiper blades with the wiper arm in case you need to replace the whole unit.

Our own brand rear wiper blades offer:

  • Specific fit replacement rear screen wiper blades.
  • Value for Money compared to branded products.
  • Easy to fit - direct replacement.
  • Fitting instructions.
  • A new range of flat rear wiper blades.
  • A new range of styled rear wiper blades.

Silencio Specific Fit

Silencio X.TRM Flat

1A - Valeo XTRM Packaging 2 - Valeo Pinch-Tab Type Blades 3 - Valeo Push-button Close-up

Third place winners in the Auto Express Flat Wiper Blade Test.

Auto Express stated:

"The last time we tested Valeo’s Silencio blades, their smeary action left us unimpressed, so it’s pleasing to report that these gave an excellent, streak-free finish – no doubt helped by the new tech trumpeted on the box. While they were quiet when wiping dry, when clearing water they were fractionally noisier than some blades on test, and were slightly harder to remove than the Bosch wipers".

The Silencio X.TRM Flat Blade range offers unsurpassed aerodynamic and acoustic properties. The absence of a metal superstructure avoids freeze, reduces potential noise and vibrations, gliding over the windscreen, so as not to generate the turbulence found in standard wiper blades.
The wiper performance is enhanced since pressure is uniformly distributed along the whole of the length of the wiper blade.

The industrial technology used in the manufacturing of Valeo's Flat Blades recognises environmental-protection guidelines. The main materials in the wiper blades can be recycled: Plastic, Stainless Steel and Rubber. The Flat Blade's vertebrae is not painted and undergoes no chemical surface treatment.

Main Technical Features:

  • High Quality through constant pressure along the whole blade.
  • Anti-lift spoiler system integrated into the rubber profile.
  • Innovative design style and differentiation in line with vehicle aesthetics.
  • No metal super-structure.
  • Reduced number of components: around 9 reusable components compared to 24 for a traditional wiper blade.

Main Benefits:

  • Simple and fast to fit.
  • High-speed performance up t0 200km/h.
  • Reduced aerodynamic noise -3db compared to a standard blade.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Improved winter resistance.
  • Minimal obstruction of the driver's field of vision.

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