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Tips & Suggestions

Tips & Suggestions

If after cleaning your windscreen and using the windscreen washer, your wiper blades do not clear the windscreen effectively then it's possibly time to replace your windscreen wipers. Here are some things to look out for.

Lines appearing on windscreen: A wiper blade's rubber can harden or become damaged with age or exposure to sunlight, leaving fine beads of water on the windscreen.

Bands appearing on windscreen: Hardened or aging wiper rubber can cause thicker bands of water on the screen.

Lace curtains: Arm defects or long periods in the parked position can deform the wiper blade lip, causing a veil effect across the windscreen. This means visibility danger is greatest when passing other vehicles at night.

Chattering: A deformed wiper element can cause blades to judder across the screen, leaving radial streaks.

Unwashed margins: A deterioration in the wiper blades or decreased wiper pressure can leave parts of the windscreen unclear.

Noise: Noisy wipers may be a sign that the wiper element is deformed or hardened, so that the wiper blade structure is worn.

Judder: A deformed wiper element, wrong adaptor or blade aging can result in jerky and noisy wiper arm movement.

Wind lift: If high speeds persistently cause the wiper to miss parts of the screen, either the wiper blade or wiper arm should be replaced.

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