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Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit

Easy to Fit Wiper Blades

As a leading supplier of wiper blades in the UK, we know a thing or two about what makes a great wiper. We stock thousands of products from top brands like BOSCH, MICHELIN, Valeo, Lucas and more so you’re guaranteed quality.

With our range of direct-fit wiper blades, you’re also guaranteed an easy fit! These come ready to fit straight onto your vehicle with the adaptor supplied, saving you both time and money. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you fit your new wiper blades in minutes. 

How to easily fit and install your wiper blades

  1. Lift wiper arm into a standing position 
  2. Place a towel or cloth on the windscreen for protection 
  3. Disconnect and remove old wiper blade 
  4. Fit and secure new wiper blade 
  5. Test new wiper using windshield washer system 

Remember: Don’t throw away your old wipers! These can be taken for recycling at your local waste collection facility.  

Need a demonstration? Watch one of our resident wiper experts Ollie take you through the process. 

How To Fit Direct Fit Wiper Blades

Finding your new wiper blades

Worried about finding the right wipers for your vehicle? No need! Our handy vehicle registration tool allows you to shop the correct blades for your car, first time. To use the tool: 

  1. Enter in your vehicle registration number 
  2. Shop wiper blades for your vehicle and select a product 
  3. Head to the checkout to complete your purchase 

Start searching 

Whether you’ve fitted your own wiper blades before or are new to the process, we’ve made it even easier for you. Just look out for the ‘Easy to fit’ badge when shopping! 


FAQ’s about Easy to fit Wiper Blades

How long does it take to fit wiper blades? 

The process of fitting wiper blades is easy and shouldn’t take too long – even if you haven’t done it before. Using the instructions provided on the packaging, plus our helpful fitting guide videos, you can have it done in minutes! 

Can you fit a windscreen wiper yourself? 

Of course! Just make sure to take your time to make sure you do this correctly, and follow the instructions provided. Remember to place a cloth or towel over the windscreen in case the wiper arm springs back suddenly.  

How to fit Universal wiper blades 

For most wiper blades, including universal ones, the fitting process will be largely the same. You’ll simply need to raise the wiper arm and remove your old wiper by disconnecting it from the arm. Then you can install your new wiper blade and give it a test. 

Do Universal wiper blades fit all cars? 

One wiper blade may not fit all kinds of vehicles, as each uses a specific size and fitting type. If your vehicle has two wipers at the front, they may be different sizes. It’s always best to make sure you order a wiper blade that is compatible with your vehicle by entering in your registration

What are the different types of wiper blade fittings? 

There are various different types of wiper blades available for different vehicles. These include: 

  • Side Pin 
  • Bayonet 
  • Pinch Tab 
  • Push button 
  • Slider 

There are also Specific Fit replacements for certain vehicles, while Direct Fit wipers can be fitted straight onto the vehicle. As its name suggests, Multi-fit wipers can be fitted to a range of compatible vehicles with different adaptors. 

How do you install hook-type wiper blades? 

Hook-type wiper blades can be fitted the same way as most other types of blades. The only difference is when removing and fitting, you may need to slide the blade over the hook before clipping the adaptor into place.  

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