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Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit

Silence the Squeaks and Enjoy Your Music with New Wiper Blades

Are you tired of your windscreen wipers ruining an enjoyable journey? It’s time for new wiper blades.
  • There’s nothing worse than squeaking windscreen wipers ruining your favourite tunes 
  • Say goodbye to disruptive noises while driving with our high-quality wiper blades 
  • Get ready for the wet autumn season with a new set of wipers 
  • Good maintenance allows you to keep using your windscreen wipers for longer


You’re cruising along a winding country road and enjoying your music. Suddenly, it starts raining. You turn your windscreen wipers on, to improve visibility in the rain. Then, you start hearing a high-pitched squeaking coming from your wipers. Sound familiar? 

Not only is it obstructing your visibility, but it overpowers your radio. Nobody wants to be stuck with that tune. 

With the autumn approaching fast, it’s a good idea to make sure your wiper blades are working at an optimal level. 


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Harmonise the highways

As with anything, windscreen wipers must be replaced regularly to ensure they are working properly. After the summer’s heat, the rubber elements of the wipers are subjected to wear and tear. Factors such as humidity, high temperatures and radiation can make them less effective.  

Some of the signs that your wiper blades might need changing are: 

  • Streaks left on your windscreen 
  • A squeaking or juddering noise 
  • Cracked rubber on the blade 
  • The frame is damaged or bent 

Our wiper blades are made to silence the squeaks and allow you to get back to enjoying your music. With a full selection from leading manufacturers, you are sure to find the right set for your car. 

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We have created a set of playlists to take you through the rest of your year. Listen now on Spotify:



How to change your wiper blades

We have created a set of instructions for each type of wiper blade available. Most wiper blades can be changed by following these general steps: 

  1. Lift your wiper blade into a standing position. 
  2. Turn the wiper blade into a horizontal position, find its adaptor and disconnect the blade. 
  3. Put the old blade down and recycle it appropriately. 
  4. Fit the right adaptor for your new wiper blade and view our fitting guide videos for instructions for specific blades 
  5. After you have fitted your new wiper blade, wiggle it lightly to make sure it’s secure. 
  6. Lower the wiper blade back onto the windscreen and test. 


Make your wiper blades last longer

To avoid having to replace your wiper blades so often, make sure you look after them. Some of our top tips on prolonging their lifespan are: 

  • Park your car in the shade where possible 
  • Clean your windscreen regularly 
  • Avoid using windscreen wipers unless in wet weather 
  • Use our refill kits to avoid replacing the entire wiper blade 


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