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The name Trico is synonymous with the windscreen wiper, being the first to commercially manufacture the modern wiper system back in 1917, when cars first acquired windscreens. The result was a huge contribution to road safety and paved the way for a whole series of innovations and vehicle design improvements. Arguably the worlds leading wiper blade manufacturer, Trico now supplies over 80 million units a year to the global automotive industry.

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ExactFit Flat

1 - Trico EFB Packaging 2 - Trico EFB Side Pin Blade 3 - Trico EFB Push-Pinch Close Up

Auto Express: Wiper Blades Product Group Test Aug 2016:
**** Rating
“The Trico ExactFit blade performs exactly as the name suggests - it was the easiest on test to install ...... The jointless structure gives the ExactFit a good blanaced wipe." - Martin Saarinen, Auto Express Aug 2016

Trico ExactFit
are a Premium Range of Flat Wiper Blades and offer a direct replacement part manufactured to OEM specification. They are easy to fit, straight out of the packaging and no messing around trying to find the correct adaptor. The ExactFit range of blades provide a superior all-weather wiping performance thanks to the joint-less design structure and the integral spoiler ensures a smooth air flow which produces a quieter wiping action.

Better All Round Wiping Performance
The twin point coupler design delivers a constant, even pressure across the entire windscreen for a smoother, more consistent wipe.

Enhanced Durability
ExactFit's joint-less structure maximises durability and provides highly efficient operation.

Aerodynamic Profile
The integral spoiler design reduces wind lift and provides a quieter wipe combined with sleek modern styling.

Superior All Weather Performance
Designed with no parts exposed to the elements, ExactFit blades provide superior all-weather performance.

Easy Installation
Fits directly to your wiper arm and comes with easy-to-use fitting instructions.

ExactFit Rear

1 - Trico Rear Plastic Packaging 2 - Trico EX354 Blade

The range of rear wiper blades supplied by Trico is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer.
Manufactured to Original Equipment standards the range includes the new designer rear wipers often seen on later models and often unique to that vehicle.

All Trico ExactFit Rear wiper blades offer:

  • Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications.
  • Superb wiping performance.
  • Widest range of rear wiper blades available.
  • New flat rear wiper blades.
  • Designer-styled rear plastic wiper blades.
  • High performance, premium quality range.

ExactFit Spray Bar

1 - Trico EF Spray Bar Packaging 2A Exactfit Spray Bar Blade

Trico ExactFit wiper blade with Integrated Spray Bar for vehicles with the windscreen washer attached to the wiper blade. Simply attach the washer hose to the washer nozzle.

Trico's ExactFit brand offers a full range of conventional wiper blades providing a cost effective, direct replacement for original equipment blades on most vehicles. These blades have provided a high level of satisfaction and performance for many years.

Premium Quality, Perfect Replacement
A superb range of premium quality wipers giving the nearest like-for-like replacement of Original Equipment fit blades with Spray Bar Attachment.

Superior Wiping Performance
The 100% natural rubber blade ensures a cleaner wipe & greater flexibility.

Enhanced Durability, Ultimate Strength
Features a thick, OE style all-metal structure for superior strength and durability. High tolerance, pinned assembly minimizes play and combined with an exclusive wiping edge, makes this Trico's most durable blade yet.

Aerodynamic Profile
The lightweight, aerodynamic design generates downforce, reducing wind-lift for greater all-round performance.

The pre-attached adaptor maximises application coverage and allows installation in seconds.


1 - Trico Hybrid Packaging 2 - Trico Hybrid Blade 3 - Trico Hybrid Close Up

Trico Fit Hybrid Wiper Blade - The Best of Both Worlds!

The new range of Trico Fit Hybrid wipers combine the aerodynamic shape of a flat blade with the solid construction of a conventional wiper. An articulated plastic frame forms the aerodynamic 'skin' of the wiper blade. This allows for a smoother airflow, which in turn creates an even down force along the entire length of the blade. Under this skin is the steel sub-structure which provides a sturdy support for the rubber wiping element.
This ingenious design allows the whole wiper to flex to the shape of the windscreen producing a smooth, efficient and quiet wiping action.

The new range of Hybrid wipers from Trico offer a universal fitment designed to retrofit to vehicles with conventional metal framed wiper blades.

  • Articulated Plastic Frame acts as a Spoiler.
  • Steel Sub-Structure provides a Sturdy Support.
  • Flexible Design gives a Smooth & Efficient Wiping Action.
  • Designed for Retro Fitting to Vehicles with Conventional Wipers.
  • Easy to Fit.
  • For Hook Shaped Wiper Arms.

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