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Different Types of Wiper Blades

They may all have the same purpose, but did you know there are different types of wiper blades? In this article, we take you through them.

If you’re new to wiper blades, you might think they are all the same. But just as different vehicles require different tyres, brakes, and other parts, they will also need different wiper blades. 

Read on to learn all about the different types of wiper blades, and which ones are right for your vehicle. 



Recognised for their ‘coat-hanger’ shape, standard wiper blades are the traditional form of wiper. They are fitted in many new vehicles today, though they are starting to be replaced with the more modern flat style. You can get standard wipers in sizes ranging from 10” to 28”, and these may vary for driver and passenger sides. They are easily replaced or if you’re looking to upgrade, you can switch to a flat wiper blade known as a Retrofit. 



Hybrid wiper blades essentially combine the design of a flat blade and a conventional wiper in one. Taking the aerodynamic shape of the former with the solid build of the latter, they can adapt to different windscreen shapes. This provides improved contact and coverage, while reduced downforce allows them to perform with less noise. 



Some older vehicles will require Retrofit wiper blades in order to upgrade their systems. These are a more modern flat style of wiper blade featuring a tensioned metal strip along the length of the blade. This provides even pressure on the windscreen for better cleaning results, and less wind noise. Since they are smaller than conventional wiper blades, Retrofit blades are less obstructive to the driver’s vision. 



Spoiler wiper blades feature an integrated spoiler. This runs down the entire length of the blade and helps keep the blade closer to the windscreen at higher speeds for improved performance. They are usually attached using a hook-shaped wiper arm and are often designed for the driver’s side of the vehicle. 


Specific Fit 

As their name suggests, Specific Fit wiper blades are designed to fit only specific vehicles with a clip or fitment that is Direct Fit. These are often used as Original Equipment in certain vehicles and as such will need the same replacement. This is especially true for rear wiper blades. Before ordering these, make sure they are designed for your particular make and model. 



True to their name, flat wiper blades hug the windscreen more closely with a flexible structure. Similar to Retrofit flat wipers, they have a tensioned metal strip which allows them to conform more closely to the shape of the windscreen. This provides improved aerodynamics and reduced wind noise, allowing for quieter operation. Flat wiper blades come in different fittings, including side pin, bayonet, pinch tab, push button and slider. So it’s important to check which fitting your vehicle requires. 


Which wiper blades do I need for my vehicle? 

Now we know there are several different types of wiper blades, how do you know which ones are right for your vehicle?  

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to find out. At Wiper Blades, we make the process of finding your replacement wipers simple. All you need to do is enter your vehicle registration into our handy lookup tool.  

This allows you to shop wiper blades guaranteed to fit your vehicle, so you won’t need to worry about ordering the wrong ones! 


Shop new wiper blades 

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