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Summer Showers and How to Prepare for Them This Year

In this article, we look at what is meant by ‘summer showers’ and how likely you are to encounter them this summer.
  • Summer showers are different from rain, as they come from cumulus clouds due to convection. They often come in shorter, more rapid bursts, while normal rain can be more persistent. 
  • According to the Met Office, summer was 11% wetter than average for the UK. Most notably in Northern Ireland and Northern England. 
  • When the weather gets humid, there is also an increased chance of thunderstorms which can bring unexpected showers. 

One of the many reasons we all look forward to summertime is the assurance of warmer, drier weather. But how much of this is guaranteed? 

We’re taking a look at summer showers and how you can prepare for them this year. All so you can prepare your vehicle and enjoy the season whatever the weather brings! 


What are summer showers?

If you hear ‘summer showers’ on the weather forecast, you might be wondering what it means. Given the typical warm, dry weather we normally experience during the sunnier season, it might seem odd to have showers. 

But rain, however, can fall in some form at any time of the year. Since it's wipers we’re the experts on and not weather, we looked to the Met Office for some helpful information. 

Summer showers are different from standard rain, falling from cumulus clouds via convection. This is where particles in a liquid or gas rise spontaneously. Normal rain on the other hand often comes from stratus clouds, normally part of a larger frontal system. 

In the autumn and winter months, we see more of these low-pressure systems and weather fronts which is why we get frequent wet and windy downpours. While in the summer these sporadic showers might not last as long, you’ll never know when to expect them. 


What was summer like last year in the UK?

In summer 2023, the Met Office reported that the UK was 11% wetter than average, especially in Northern Ireland and Northern England.  

July was significantly wetter, recorded as the wettest on record for Northern Ireland. Some areas in south-west and northern England recorded more than twice the average monthly rainfall.  

In their review of the UK climate in 2023, the Met Office also identified May as one of the warmer, drier months. However, some heavy thunderstorms caused flooding across southern and eastern England. 

If the weather last year is anything to go by, we’ve seen that it’s always good to be prepared whatever the season. 


Should I replace my wiper blades this summer?

Earlier this year, we saw the UK had experienced a record number of storms, with 10 alone over six months. While the bitter winds and icy rain may be well behind us, there’s another kind of storm we should be aware of. 

As temperatures reach a higher level of humidity, thunderstorms become more likely. These can often induce sudden downpours which could catch you off-guard on the road.  

This is one of many reasons why you should replace your wiper blades in the summer, not just in the winter. If we can always rely on the winter months for more adverse weather, we can assume the summer months are less predictable.  

Replacing your wiper blades is easy and you can do it yourself to save heading to a garage. If you’re unsure about fitting your wipers, view our fitting guide videos or check out our blog on how to fit your wiper blades

As far as summer 2024 is concerned, we can’t say for sure what the weather will be like. But as we’ve seen – the UK does tend to get a bit of a mix! 


Shop new wiper blades for your vehicle

Want to stay prepared whatever the weather? Order your new wiper blades and embrace those summer showers with confidence. 

At Wiper Blades, we stock a wide range of products from the industry’s leading brands. From BOSCH and MICHELIN, to Lucas, Valeo, and more. If you’re looking to cut costs further, our own brand Aerowiper offers a cost-effective replacement with the same high quality. 

Not sure which wiper blades you need for your car? Use our handy vehicle input tool, where all you need to do is enter your reg or select your make, model, and year. No need to worry about ordering the wrong blades! 

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