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Why Your Wiper Blades May Need Replacing This Summer

Your wiper blades can deteriorate in any season, and it’s important to know when they need replacing. In this article, we look at why it’s important to replace your wiper blades in the summer.
  • Most wiper blades are made from rubber, which, although durable is susceptible to deterioration from extreme temperatures and general wear. 
  • Wiper blades need to be checked and replaced in all seasons including the summer - when increasingly warm temperatures can cause the rubber to degrade. 
  • Replacing your wiper blades is easy and can be done in no time with our helpful step-by-step guide. 
  • There are different types of wiper blades available depending on your vehicle. We’ll help you to find the right ones first time. 

When was the last time you checked your wiper blades? Think about it. 

You may think they are fine, and you only really need to check or replace them in the winter - but that’s not the case. 

In fact, your wiper blades are just as susceptible to deterioration in the summer as they are in the winter.  

Let’s find out why this happens, and why it’s therefore important to replace them. 

Nothing lasts forever 

Most wiper blades are made from rubber. That rubber can deteriorate over time due to various factors such as humidity, high temperatures, radiation, oxygen, and other elements.  

Rubber also wears down due to old age, which is why most wiper blades have an average maximum lifespan of 12 months.  

In the summer when your car is sat for long periods of time in the sun, this could cause the rubber in your wiper blades to break down quicker which could affect the efficiency of the blade. 

Some signs that you may need to replace your wiper blades include: 

  • Leaving areas of the windscreen uncovered when cleaning 
  • A squeaking or juddering sound 
  • Leaving streaks or smears on the windscreen 

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to replace your wiper blades as soon as possible. This is to prevent damage to your windscreen, which is a replacement you won’t want to cash out for. 

Plus, with those unpredictable summer storms, you definitely don’t want to be driving around with wipers that aren’t up to the task when that precipitation party begins. 

Replacing your wiper blades 

If you’ve never replaced your wiper blades before, the task can look fussier than it actually is.  It’s really quite straightforward. 

Most wiper blades can be replaced by following these general steps: 

  1. Lift the wiper blade from your windscreen into a standing position. When doing this, make sure there will be no bounce-back after removal as this could damage your windscreen.
  2. Gently turn the wiper blade into a horizontal position and locate the adaptor (this could be in the form of a clip, pinch tab, button, or hook) and disconnect the blade whilst sliding it off the wiper arm.
  3. Lay down the old blade somewhere for safekeeping. There’s no need to throw them away as they can actually be recycled through your local waste authority.
  4. Fit the correct adaptor (often provided) onto your new wiper blade before fitting it onto your wiper arm. This step may vary slightly depending on the wiper arm, so we recommend using our fitting guide videos for your specific blade or arm.
  5. After fitting your new wiper blade, give it a little wiggle to make sure it’s correctly secured before lowering the wiper arm back down onto your windscreen. Test that they are working correctly and you’re good to go!

Looking after your blades 

Though it’s inevitable they will need replacing at some point there are a few things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your wiper blades. This includes: 

  • Parking in the shade where possible 
  • Cleaning any stubborn dirt or debris from your wipers regularly 
  • Only using them in wet conditions 
  • Using refill kits (if compatible with your vehicle) 

Reap the rewards 

By replacing your wiper blades regularly, you’re in for a world of benefits. For a start, you won’t be that one driver bouncing around in the driver’s seat attempting to peer through an unclear windscreen in poor weather. 

You can also save money before your next MOT by replacing your wiper blades and enjoy clearer vision on the road - whatever the weather. Replacing your wiper blades now could also put you in good stead for the autumn and winter months when you’ll need them most! 

By choosing good-quality wiper blades from a reputable brand, you can also make sure you get the most out of your wiper blades before the time comes to replace them. Explore our brands available at Wiper Blades. 

“What wiper blades do I need for my car?”, you ask. Simply enter your registration into our online tool and shop wiper blades for your specific vehicle. It’s that easy! 

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