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Getting Your Car MOT-Ready

MOT season is here! Get confident and spring into action with our MOT-ready advice.

Servicing and MOTs after winter are always a dread. Your car needs to be fresh and raring to go and with our help, it will be! 


Your pre-MOT checklist

There are a few things you can do to get your car ready to take in for an MOT. Replacing these ahead of time can save you money in the long run. Especially if your MOT fails thanks to any one of these issues, you will have to pay for yet another MOT. So, replace your perishables, top up your fluids, and give your vehicle a spring clean. Here’s a full breakdown. 

  • Clean your car 

This may not seem an obvious priority, but garages can turn away a car if it is too filthy or cluttered inside. Working on a car where you must excavate it out of mud or sift through old wrappers is not a requirement of their services. 

  • Wiper blades 

Wiper blades can fail an MOT if they’re not performing as they should. Luckily, you’re already in the right place to replace those! Our great offers are here to give you the best deal on replacement wiper blades like Aerowiper and Bosch Aerotwin. 

We also have wiper blade fitting videos for you to change yours in the comfort of your own driveway. 

Changing Wiper Blades

  • Lights 

 We would always recommend enlisting a friend to help check that all your bulbs are in full working order. You can also use a slightly reflective surface such as a window or garage door if it's just you. Keep yourself and others safe and save on extra unnecessary garage fees. Keep yourself and others safe and save on extra unnecessary garage fees. 

Check out PowerBulbs to make a straightforward purchase for your bulbs at great prices. Make sure your headlights pass first time! 

  • Tyres 

One of the biggest causes of MOT fails. All tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread, be properly inflated and in good condition. Your tyres should also have undamaged sidewalls with no cuts or damage to the rubber. 

If you’re uncertain, replace them. Tyres are the only thing connecting your car and the road. It doesn’t matter how well kept your car is, if you have faulty tyres, you’ll run into problems. 

  • Fluids 

You should regularly check your fluids to ensure your car doesn’t run dry. Fluids like engine oil and coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid are essential. Check your handbook for the car as a guide for which types to get for your car.  

And don’t forget your screenwash! Our screenwash pods are a popular choice for this – just pop one in your washer fluid reservoir and top it up with water. Check out these and our other accessories

  • Horn 

If it makes a noise, you’re probably safe. Make sure it’s working as it should though. Check for a clear, loud sound and that the button inside the car is working properly. 

  • Mirrors and windscreen 

A crack in your windscreen or damaged mirrors is a no-no. If you do notice damage to your windscreen, it’s best to replace it before going into the MOT test.  This helps to prevent any large bills instead of waiting for confirmation of what you already know. The same goes for rearview mirrors and door mirrors. 



If you’re getting a service before your MOT, they will likely at least check all these points for you. Some even fill your fluids for free as part of the check. This is helpful and you’ll know what to buy before sending the car in for the MOT test. 


What is checked during your MOT?

There is an exhaustive list of points that are checked over in an MOT. Among them – aside from the ones mentioned above – are: 

  • Brakes 
  • Bodywork 
  • Doors 
  • Windows 
  • Exhaust and emissions 
  • Electrics 
  • Seats and belts 
  • Steering and suspension 
  • Towing bars  
  • Wheels 
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle 


What does an MOT cost?

The cost of an MOT varies depending on the vehicle you’re taking in. The cost for a car currently won’t exceed £54.85. 


What happens if I fail an MOT?

If you fail an MOT, that usually means you have a problem with your vehicle which makes it unsafe to drive. These are usually categorised as a ‘dangerous’ or ‘major’ problem on your MOT certificate. If you have ‘dangerous’ problem on your certificate, you won’t be allowed to drive the car. The recommendation will be, that if you intend to keep the vehicle, the MOT garage will be the garage to fix it. With ‘major’ problems, you should be able to drive it home as long as your previous MOT certificate is still valid. This gives you a bit of wiggle room on choosing where to get your car fixed. 


Be prepared!

Cars can be unpredictable, it’s just a part of ownership. But ensuring you’ve done everything you can to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming MOT is a great start to make sure you get that MOT pass certificate. Not to mention - a well-earned sign of relief for the coming year! 

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