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Free UK delivery on 2 or more blades
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit
Quality wipers guaranteed to fit

How To Fit Your Wiper Blades Like A Pro In A Few Simple Steps

Learn how to fit your own wiper blades in minutes using our helpful guide.

Fitting your own wiper blades looks fiddly, right? Especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. 

But it’s actually quite simple, and you can get the job done in minutes – so long as you know how to remove your old wipers and fit your new ones. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fit your new wiper blades to your car in one short, fuss-free process. Read on to become a fitting pro! 


Installing your new wiper blades – step by step

Once you’ve ordered the correct replacement wiper blades for your car, you’ll be ready to make the switch. Still yet to order yours? Check out our handy vehicle registration input tool to shop wiper blades designed for your specific vehicle. 

Now, onto fitting! Before making a start, you may want to give your windscreen a good clean. After all, you don’t want to fit your brand-new wiper blades onto a dirty windscreen!  

These are the steps you then need to follow to replace your wiper blades: 

  1. Lift up the wiper arm/s – gently lift the wiper into a standing position. If your front windscreen has two wiper blades, replace one at a time to keep things simple. 
  2. Place a cloth over the windscreen for protection – this will help avoid any damage if the wiper arm springs back into place. 
  3. Take hold of the wiper blade – this may involve turning the blade length-ways, or horizontally.  
  4. Remove the old wiper blade – find the adaptor that secures the blade to the wiper arm to disconnect it. This varies from wiper to wiper, with some in the form of a pinch tab, button, clip or hook. Did you know? You can recycle your old wiper blades! Just head to your local waste collection facility. 
  5. Using the adaptor provided (if not already pre-fitted), clip your new wiper blade into place on the wiper arm. Again, this varies depending on the type of wiper, so use our helpful fitting guide videos for specific guidance. 

After fitting your new wiper blade, you may want to test it by operating your windscreen washer system. This will make sure the new blade is secure and functioning correctly.  


Where to find help when fitting your new wipers

If you need any assistance when fitting your wiper blades, there are a few places you can get this. The packaging should contain full instructions for fitting your new wiper blades. Alternatively, you can find a fitting guide video for your specific wiper blades on our website. 

Take me there

If you experience any further issues when installing your new wiper blades, feel free to get in touch with our expert team. With a wealth of experience, they will be more than happy to help you. 


Make DIY Day ‘FIY’ Day

April 6th marks National Do It Yourself, or DIY Day. A day to celebrate getting the job done independently! With our handy fitting guide videos and years of expertise in the industry, you can make DIY Day ‘FIY’ Day and Fit It Yourself!  

By fitting your own wipers, you can enjoy: 

  • Added savings – with no need to overpay for a fitting service at your local garage 
  • Easy fitting – follow our fitting guide video instructions for fuss-free installation 
  • Ultimate bragging rights – when it comes to passing on your knowledge to family and friends! 

So, go on – make DIY Day FIY Day with Wiper Blades and fit like a pro! Visit our YouTube channel to find your fitting guide video. 

Visit our YouTube channel


The home of high-quality wiper blades

We hope you found this article useful and feel ready to fit your own wiper blades! When you shop new wipers from Wiper Blades, you can buy them with confidence knowing they are guaranteed to fit your vehicle. 

Time for a replacement? Shop our vast range of new wiper blades from top brands like BOSCH, MICHELIN, Lucas, Valeo, and more. Remember to use our vehicle input tool to shop wipers for your vehicle.

Get free UK delivery when you order two or more wiper blades – perfect to help prepare your vehicle before its MOT

For more useful information and advice, head to our news & articles! 

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