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How Your Windscreen Wiper Blades Can Help You Drive Safely This Winter

Learn how to look after your wiper blades to see clearer this winter.

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During winter, your windscreen wiper blades are put to the test. With snow and ice, the rubber may begin to deteriorate quickly if this is not looked after. 

We have gathered our top tips on how to keep your wiper blades in top condition. You’ll also learn to identify the signs of damaged wipers. This will help your visibility and allows you to drive safer. 

Need new wiper blades for winter? Find the right ones for your car today. 

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Tips for looking after your wiper blades this winter


1. Start your vehicle to allow the windshield to defrost

Simply, start your car and turn on the heating. This should begin melting the ice on your windscreen. When the ice has melted enough, you can then gently lift the wiper arms. 

It’s important to remember not to run the wiper blades on an icy windscreen. This can damage the rubber part of the wiper.  


2. Lift your wiper blades off the windscreen

While parking your car, lift the wiper arms so they don’t touch the windscreen. This means your wipers don’t stick to the screen and makes cleaning your windscreen easier. 


3. Make sure to turn your wiper blades off

When you park in winter, you should also turn off your windscreen wiper blades. If turned on, they will automatically start moving when restarting and could become damaged if frozen. You may then be required to replace them. 


4. Cover your wiper blades

Some people cover their wipers overnight, to make sure they don’t freeze to the glass. You can use a plastic bag with a rubber band around it.  

Alternatively, you can also cover the entire car with a thin sheet. This will also make cleaning your car from snow easier and quicker. 


5. Remove the ice with a scraper

Before starting to move your wipers, remove all the ice from the screen with an ice scraper. If you run your windscreen wiper blades on an icy windshield, it can damage the rubber part. 

You can alternatively use an appropriate de-icer to melt the ice on the screen. 


6. Don’t forget to remove snow from your car

Removing ice and snow from your windscreen is important, but you shouldn’t ignore the rest of the vehicle. 

If you have a thick layer of snow on the car’s roof, it may fall off when braking suddenly. This can result in serious visibility problems, putting yourself and other motorists at risk.


When to replace your wiper blades

You should replace your windscreen wiper blades every 6-12 months to make sure they work optimally. We recommend getting them changed before the winter, to ensure they are in top condition. 

Here are a few signs your wipers may be damaged

  • Juddering 
  • Squeaking 
  • Streaky windscreen 
  • Skipping 


What wiper blades are best for winter?

At Wiper Blades, we stock thousands of wipers from leading manufacturers. These include BOSCH, MICHELIN, Lucas, BLADES, Valeo, TRICO, and Aerowiper

We recommend getting wipers with a silicone blade. This is because silicone has better water resistance and is more durable. Some winter blades also come with a special coating or stronger hinges. 

You can find the right wipers for your vehicle by submitting your reg to our vehicle search. 

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Wiper blade winter safety FAQs

Why do wiper blades judder? 

Your wipers may be damaged. Get them replaced to optimise your visibility. Find the right wiper blades for your car by using our handy vehicle search

Why are wiper blades noisy? 

This can be a sign of deteriorated windscreen wipers. If you hear squeaking or other sounds, order a new set of wipers online today. 

Can wiper blades fail an MOT? 

Yes! They are in fact one of the top reasons why drivers in the UK fail their MOT.  

Before you go for your next MOT, make sure your windscreen wipers work well to avoid failure. 

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When to change your wiper blades? 

We recommend changing them at least every 6-12 months. However, if you notice any signs of damage earlier, you should get them replaced as soon as possible. 

What to do if your wiper blades are not clicking into place? 

If you are struggling to fit your windscreen wiper blades, check our fitting guides. Contact our friendly team for any additional questions you may have. 

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